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Founded in 1998, Kiev-based CRYPTON-M makes a range of  surveillance devices including probes, mediation devices, and end-to-end solutions for law enforcement and intelligence gathering. The LI equipment complies with CALEA and similar lawful intercept standards in other countries and is sold widely outside the country. CRYPTON-M also makes equipment that intercepts targets’ communications over-the-air and independent of networks.

Leading the line-up of LI devices are the company’s TerraLine Global Monitoring Center (TerraLine “Global”) for trunk monitoring, the TerraLIS Universal Legal Interception system (TerraLIS) and TerraNET 10G Probe for lawful intercept.

The TerraLine “Global” is a complete monitoring solution for trunk-based intercepts. The system intercepts switched voice, mobile and fax communications, identifies the originating and terminating parties by IMSI and EMSI, determines the location of mobile callers, and stores the information for processing and analysis.

TerraLine also comes in a light version called “TerraLine Portable.” Like its larger sibling, the TerraLine Portable offers the same compatibilities, but as a probe scaled down to handle eight digital duplex trunk lines of mobile or fixed wireline networks.

TerraLIS Universal Legal Interception system (TerraLIS) is a mediation device-centric solution for lawful intercept, and complies with CALEA, ETSI and SORM standards. The device may be deployed with any/all network hardware for intercepting either PSTN or mobile network traffic. The mediation device may be programmed to collect incoming our outbound communications of the target, collect metadata and determine the location of the caller and called party.

TerraLIS comes with servers that respectively handle storage of data during a session, long term archiving, query procession, conversion of fax and data messages into viewable format, and keyword search.

CRYPTON-M’s probe – the TerraNET 10G – passively monitors Internet traffic including Skype and other VoIP, email, SMS, video, streaming media and the target’s IP address at speeds up to 10 Gbs. All intercepts are mirrored so that the target is unaware, and are saved to the database for analysis, once again with keyword search capability.

Of course, tapping targets in unfriendly territory can be a challenge. CRYPTON-M has an alternative to going through the network: the AquaGSM, a passive GSM interception system for through-the-the-air reception, recording, decryption and decoding of voice and SMS communication sessions. With the AquaGSM, users can hear and view what the target is saying or sending via GSM, and can untangle encryption, too.

Need to get closer? CRYPTON-M can outfit the agent with complete GSM monitoring in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter Van made to look likE An ordinary tradesman vehicle so that surveillance may be conducted unobtrusively.

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